Distance interval issue (Read 303 times)


    Found a quirk in the new feature, take a look at this workout:




    The total time is 28:41. Notice the distance interval is based on per unit mile. Now click the "Distance" header and change the unit to "1 mile". Now notice the total time at the bottom has changed to 29:54, and the interval data for mile 2 seemed to have changed.


    I think I know why this is happening. When I did this run, I paused my garmin somewhere before end of mile 2 when I had to sit down to adjust my shoes. The original gps data properly accounted for the paused time, but perhaps the on-the-fly distance interval calculation did not and just calculated based on the start and end time at each interval?


    It's just an observation, I don't pause my runs often so this doesn't really affect me much Smile

      Had the same issue.


      The calculations are based on clock time.  Any "paused time" when you turned off the garmin is calculated in the totals...

      And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx