Boston Marathon Housing on a Budget (Read 120 times)

Michael P.

    I am running in the 2014 Boston Marathon.  I am wondering if there is anyone in the Boston area that would be open to hosting me for the weekend April 18-22.  Boston Marathon is Monday April 21.  Note, Easter is Sunday April 20.  Last year was my first Boston Marathon.  I didn't make it to the finish line so was part of the special group that was invited back for 2014.


    My payment would be to host you for the Twin Cities Marathon in Minnesota, Sunday, October 5th from downtown Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul.  I am part of a running club in the eastern Twin Cities that usually has a good handful of runners at Twin Cities Marathon, including myself.  It is a beautiful route and a great/cheap way to marathon away from home.

    Will run for scenery.

      You might look into airbnb.com.  People rent space out in their house.  You can see pics, contact hosts, etc.

      Stupid feet!

      Stupid elbow!