Bad puppy experience (Read 151 times)

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had a bad experience like mine.


    Yesterday I was out for a 12 mile run. At around mile 11, I passed I house I often like to joke about. They have several small Yorkies and often I find myself being "attacked by a pack of wild, ferocious, Yorkies." As I a said, I was running past the house and along comes the mom, dad, and eight cute little puppies. They chased into the road after me and I was trying to shoo them back home. At this moment a car comes flying by, much over the speed limit, and drove right over the whole lot of them.


    I don't know how many were hurt / killed, and fortunately the owner of the dogs was there immediately, but I felt awful just seeing it happen. It is a good case of why it is important to keep your dogs locked up.

    Canadian princess

      Oh no  I worry about that happening to dogs that come say hi when I am out running.


        Oh, I'm so sorry.....


        This happened to me too, with a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  In this case, the dog was in the front yard when I ran past, and the owners were unloading the dog and some luggage.  They had apparently just returned from a trip?  The dog was snarling and charging, so I dashed across the street.  There were cars coming.  I made it across, the dog did not.


        I felt really bad....  but it wasn't my fault.  At all.

        Princess Cancer Pants

          I've had the worry of this happening, too.  Even though I loathe dogs running free and into the road, with the exception of the truly nasty ones I'd feel terrible if they were hurt/killed while out chasing me.  It's not their fault their owners are irresponsible.  I feel for the driver, too.

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            I'm not much of a "dog person," but that is awful. 


            Yeah, sure, Mr. Owner, they're friendly and won't hurt passers-by, but that's not the only reason to secure them.


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              Oh no! That would be traumatic.


              I have noticed that I have a hard time getting lap-dogs to back off, they are more likely to come out of the yard and bark at me/follow me than big dogs. I have a genuine dislike of little dogs, and its mostly due to bad owners. I think that small dog owners slack in teaching their dog manners, because if the dog is behaving badly they can just pick them up to stop the offensive behavior. You can't do that with a 75 lb golden retriever, so I actually had to train my dog and teach her obedience.

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                Local hillbillies seem to treat their half-dozen or so dogs as expendables. They are all over the road after us. Every so often one disappears and is soon replaced by another mongrel.

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