Help! What type of bottle is this? Replacement needed (Read 90 times)


    Ten years ago I bought this cheap sports bottle at a grocery store.  The lip caught my eye because there is no open/close valve or cap, yet when you turn the bottle upside down it doesn't leak.  This bottle has been with me since the beginning of my running journey but now has a crack and must be tossed.  I've been unsuccessful in finding a replacement and need some help!


    Pictures of bottle:



    Does this type of bottle mouth have a name?  Or, do you know who sells something like this?






      It is not the same bottle but it is similar to my favorite from Ultimate Direction.

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        Looks like the Ron Hill Hydro bottle.

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          This is similar to the Amphipod branded water bottle valve system.

          This is one of the styles available: https://www.runningwarehouse.com/Amphipod_Hydraform_Jett-Lite_Handheld_20_oz/descpage-AMJLH20.html

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