Courses not showing up in Route field when trying to add a new run entry (Read 13 times)




    I just imported my data from Runner's World and am excited that I can keep using the same style of running log here!


    My data imported just fine, but now I'm trying to add a new run and many of my courses are not showing up in the Route field--even though they are listed on the Courses page. I just added a new Course that duplicated one I already had listed and that new Course is not showing up in the Route field either.


    Any ideas?




      Oh...and I'm on a Windows Vista computer using the latest version of Firefox, but I tried it in the latest version of Chrome too and had the same problem.

      eric :)

        Hi Z-H,

        The course list shows the last 50 routes that you used.  Instead of selecting a course from the list, type in the course name and it will be added to the list.


        eric Smile


          Beautiful! Thanks!