Changed my user name.... (Read 689 times)

madness baby

    Other than that I had a great time in Texas. It was like being in a whole new world (back in 1989).
    Most southerners I know would not call Texas the south. It's its own country. Wink
      Off the topic of the name change, but on the topic of drinking games. Back in college, we used to play the star trek - next generation - drinking game (posted by playboy). I'm not a trekki, but that definitely was a riot. Usually 4 - 5 beers per person per episode. Good way to prime up for the nigh. Good times! Since i've become more mature (spoken can't drink like I used to), and that my choice in beer has improved (spoken microbrews and not crap budweiser/miller-lite), 4 - 5 beers in an hour better be on a friday night with no long run planned the next day.


        Beer Pong!
          Name the place and time and I will be there ! Beer Pong paddle in hand - big smile on face ! Big grin