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    Thanks Racing Thoughts....I'll give the emails a try...

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      Eric, I am new here is it possible to import other Training Logs? I have a log Called Run Log I would like to transfer over to this site if I could. It exports in a RLI file. Confused I am messing with it to try and get it into Excel at least. I don't have a ton of data on it yet. I have a lot of my data on my Garmin 305. I am looking foreware to that interface. Thanks SG
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        I am curious, Eric. How many CR logs have you been importing into your db? Quite a few, I imagine. On a related note, how long do you think this process will take? I've seen other people mention that you got to them right away, but I think I sent mine to you well after the incoming flood had started. Thx for your efforts!


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          Eric, I just joined yesterday and sent you my CR log. Any idea when it will be up? I realize you're probably swamped with CR logs. I was just curious on a timeframe. Nina

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            Another CR victum here! Hi everyone! Glad this site got posted on active! I sent you my log Eric, it's not huge and I guess I could do it myself, it's less than 200 but I tried to open the file and was very confused so I sent it to you. Hope you don't mind. Blush no rush I'm sure your busy! editted in: If I start adding to my log from now on will that screw you up when you import my CR log?
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              Eric said in one of these threads that he's gotten through about 60 yesterday or the day before and that he had about 150 left to do, so it would probably take a few days even if no more came in (which obviously isn't the case)
              editted in: If I start adding to my log from now on will that screw you up when you import my CR log?
              You'll be fine, although your shoes may get duplicated when eric imports your logs.

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                Eric, I received my log by e-mail from coolrunning. How would I import from the e-mail. Rob

                  Hi Rob! I've changed my name to HappyFeat because I'm happy to have been a runner for so many years. I used Nerissa on CoolRunning because I liked to have the reminder of a favorite niece who lives far away. As far as what to do with your CoolRunning Log that was emailed to you: Click on the attachment file and save it to your desktop (without choosing any program). Then log into the RunningAhead website. From there, go to your TRAINING LOG page. On the left is a column of options. Click on TOOLS. You'll get a list of 4 options. You want the last one that says: IMPORT LOG (from a delimited file). I admit I can't exactly recall what happens next, but the import tool directs you from there. I think it came up with the "browse" tool where you select the file from your desktop. After that, it only took a few minutes and it was done. Your entire CoolRunning Log will still be on your desktop and it can be opened in Excel and reviewed that way. Hope this helps. Smile

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                    Eric, I have been unable to figure out how to import my log of over six years.....its vanished, I have registered with your site and would love to continue an online log. Could you please help the runner with zero computer skills?

                      Eric, I got all my information imported. Thank you so much for all you have done for us who were using Cool Running.