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    I found this great map program developed by a guy training for a marathon. The link is www.sueand paul/gmapPedometer. It will show correct distances for routes run.

      that 's a cool program Cool. Took me a few minutes to find the link is http://www.sueandpaul.com/gmapPedometer Thank
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        That is pretty cool. Another similar site is www.maps24.com. It would be nice to include a route on a map to go along with each course. Of course, that raises some safety issues.

        12 Monkeys

          Yes, gmap-pedometer was a great program, but it has languished and now includes lots of ads. RunningAhead.com, by contrast, gets better and better and better! And no ads!! Think of that the next time you have a few bucks to spare and are looking for a PayPal button to click on Wink