Misc. Interface Req. and Suggestions (Read 573 times)

    Not much in terms of large requests, but a few things that would be sort of nice: 1) I visit my running group home page a lot. I would like to be able to tell it what section to default to, since the default home page is not very useful. To be clear, I would like, for each group I am a member of, to tell it to default to, for instance, Reports, so that when I click the group name I am taken directly to the reports page since that is what I commonly want to look at first. Some groups I want to view reports, some just the forum, but pretty much in no case should I go to the group description page on a regular basis, as there is no useful info there. 2) Also related to running groups, I often click on a group member's name to view their data from the group. After looking through their data, I want to return to the group page I originated from. There is a "Click here to view your data..." in the toolbar, but once you click it, you have to navigate back and click community, user groups, the group name, and then the reports page to get back to the spot where you originally came from. I can use the back button, but if I've been navigating around the user's data a little while, that can also be several clicks. There is no simple one-click method to get back to the group you were at. I'm not sure how to resolve this. Either a link to return to the group in addition to the link to view your own data, or some other method, but something should be possible. 3) Sue me cause I'm picky, but I really wish there was a spacer of some sort between the select time range and custom time range input rows on the reports page. In IE there is a tiny gap, which is alright (though it could be a bit higher), but in Firefox, the top control hits the second row of controls. This is just cosmetic, so feel free to ignore. Smile Anyway, just a couple of things that would be nice. 1 & 2 are the biggest annoyances I have right now with the flow of the website. Everything else is working great! Thanks for considering!
      s. crissman, I whipped something up last night for request 1. It will be included in the next release, which will probably be in a month or two. In the meanwhile, you can blame the group owner/administrators for not having interesting home pages. The 2000 mile group does a good job of keeping it interesting, I heard. For request 2, that's a lot harder to do on my end, but there's something you can do to fix that. You can open the link in a new window/tab. When you're done with that, simply close it and go back to the original window and continue your browsing. I'll consider suing you when I'm low on cash to pay for the web hosting, or when I need a down payment for a house so you should start saving for it. Which page are you referring to? I browsed through the site last night but couldn't find it. I kind of remember that there is some formating issues in Firefox but remember exactly where.
        Thanks eric! I will take your advice for request 2, I don't know why I didn't start doing that at some point. Request 3 refers to Community->User Groups->Reports. (And it is minor!) Thanks again!