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    First of all, I just started using RunningAhead and I love it. Eric kindly imported my CoolRunning data and everything looks great. Big grin Suggestion/question: I wish only my active shoes showed up in my New Run Entry page. Is that something I can configure? I checked the "Hide retired shoes" check box, but that seems to only hide them on the shoe management page, not when creating a new Run entry. If this is not a current feature, it would be great to have it. Thanks!!
      This is an active feature. ::scratches head:: Maybe double check your settings and try refreshing the page? Only my active shoes show up...

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        Hi - I just checked - same here ... only active shoes show up on the pick list (and I do have a load of retired shoes). Hope the 'refresh' sorts the problem out. Neil (UK) Confused

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          Marshall, The shoes will still be visible in the drop down on the day you retired them because they're still active on the day of retirement. They will be hidden the next day. eric Smile

            Yep, it's working now! Thanks.......Smile