Yet again I find myself in the market for a new Garmin (Read 347 times)

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    My Forerunner 405 won't charge and never would connect to my computer.  So what are you guys using and loving these days?  And what should I stay away from?

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      I've gone from anti-GPS to being the official RA pitch man for the Garmin Forerunner 210. I've practically written odes to that watch. So that's what I'd get.

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        Another vote for the 210.  I bought one last year when my 205 died and am very happy with it.



          I love my FR10, but it's also the only GPS watch I've owned, so I have nothing to compare it to.  But it's easy to use and does what I need.


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            My Forerunner 405 won't charge and never would connect to my computer.  So what are you guys using and loving these days?  And what should I stay away from?


            The 910XT is pretty sweet--small enough, but with a big display.  Holds a battery charge for a long time.  Very nice!




            If you want to try a relatively cost effective fix before shelling out for a new watch, you could try this:




            It allowed me to turn my 410 into a much more useful watch--battery life is great now.

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              You can get it for around $200 without HR strap, $250 with it.  Should work with your existing 405 strap.


              Fully waterproof, unlike most other Garmin models besides the very expensive 910XT and the low-featured FR10.


              Personal preference for me, but I like buttons better than a touchscreen on a running watch.  I also like the larger display.


              I figured out how to make DC Rainmaker's site show the review table on specific watches of my choosing, so here's his comparison table on all of Garmin's GPS running watches.

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                good call on the 310XT - it's really getting cheap for what you get.  I may buy one even though my 205 is still functioning.


                  I second the 310XT suggestion, I love mine.  Just got it a month ago.

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                    Another vote for the 210.  I bought one last year when my 205 died and am very happy with it.


                    Ditto to both.  I had my 205 replaced with a factory rebuild just to have something on hand in case the 210 dies, but its (the 205) been sitting in the box for about six months now.  The 210 does everything I need.

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                      I've never owned a Garmin before, but I've been saving up my pennies and just ordered one today.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time comparing the different models (and going through Rainmaker's site), and compiled a spreadsheet of the half dozen "finalists" to easily compare features and prices.


                      Two must-have features for me were vibration alerts and custom workouts (or advanced workouts; I can't remember what Garmin calls them) where you can design a workout online and send it to the watch.  The three finalists that had these features were the 310XT, the 610, and the 910XT.  The 910XT was out of my price range, and the 610 didn't have enough extra features to justify the increased price (for my purposes, anyway).  So I ordered the 310XT with the heart rate monitor (and also got the foot pod).  I'm really excited to try them out, and I'm also glad to see some enthusiastic recommendations for the 310XT.



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                        +1 on the 910XT recommendation. My old 405 died, apparently for good, about 10 days before Boston. I had been planning to make Boston the 405's final voyage and then I was going to switch to the 910 which I had purchased two months ago but not had time to set up.


                        It turns out to be really easy to set up...in fact I took it right out of the box and went out on a tempo run. 10 days later I wore it at Boston. Great watch...holds the charge well, GPS picks up faster, easily customizable interval workouts, just like the 405 had, nice big display on the face. My only complaint is the lack of a "normal watch" screen, i.e., where you can just display time of day when you aren't working out. If it's there I haven't found it yet.

                          Another vote for the 210, simple and very happy with it.


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                            I have a 110.  Basic but effective.


                            My advice: whatever you buy, buy it through REI (and get the membership too if you don't already have it).  I wore my 110 for 18 months until I started having the same connectivity issue.  I brought it back and they replaced it...no questions asked.  They also would have applied the credit towards any other watch, but I liked the 110.

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                              I have both the FR10 and the 910xt. Both watches are fantastic. I really like both of them. If you want a basic running GPS watch, go with the FR10. If you have some money to spend and want the best of the best, get the 910xt.

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                                Check eBay if you're looking for a 310xt and don't mind refurbished.  I got this one for $139 yesterday.  They have since raised the price by $20, but still a good deal and includes the heartrate monitor.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Garmin-Forerunner-310XT-w-Heart-Rate-Monitor-Handheld-GPS-Receiver-Refurbished-/330911901309