Adjusting the calculation of calories (Read 323 times)

    Would it be possible to have a function for adjusting the calculation of calories? Especially for bicycle it depends a great deal on the bike, so it would be nice to have a different formula for each bike.


    As an example I have two bikes myself, and I have meassured that on one bike I burn about 33% more calories for the same time and distance than on the other. One is a lighweight racer, the other is a heavy city bike.


    The calculations the site uses now seem to fit pretty well with my racer, but for the city bike they are too low.


      How did you determine the caloric usage with your city bike?  If you provide me with the formula and if it makes sense, I'll add it for the next log release.


      eric Smile

        With a pulse watch, same as I have done on my racer. I don't  know how accurate it is, but the difference between the two bikes is significant. When I am riding longer trips, like 40-50 km, I consistently have a 5 km/h lower average speed on the city bike with the same amount of energy put into it.


        My idea was not for the users to fiddle with formulas. I was thinking of a field, where we could input a percentage offset relative to some average bike. Something like this perhaps (bike types and numbers are only examples):


        Lightweight (8-9kg) racer with narrow tires: -15%

        Racer with standard tires: -10%

        Average (12-13kg) bike: +0%

        Heavy (16-17kg) city bike with standard tires: +10%

        Heavy city bike with wide tires: +15%

        Mountain bike: +20%


        These could be listed as a guide to the value we type into a field for the individual bike. I don't think it needs to be fancier than just a percentage offset.