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    Please forgive me - I had an amazing year and I just wanted to write it all down so.... A review of 2007 It is probably worth splitting my year into 2. I started running again in February and from then to July it was all about getting fit again after 6 months off. I built miles slowly and raced a lot. 17 races in 6 months. The early ones were disastrous – 29.09 for 5k, 59.49 for 10k. But by July I was starting to feel fit again. Helped by some weight loss - 70kgs in Feb dropped steadily down to 61kgs by September. August to December has been amazing. I raced 16 times in 5 months. 13 of those 16 were at “normal” distances (1mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon). 9 of them were PRs including 6 PRs at 5k - the distance I’d decided to focus on. So: 1mile – no previous PR as such although I had once run 7.18 at Club La Santa. new PR 6.41 (December) 5k – previous PR 24.24. new PR 22.29 (November) 10k – previous PR 50.30. new PR 49.38 (August) half marathon – previous PR 1.59.15. new PR 1.50.08 (October) I’ve settled in a beautiful city that I love to live and run in and joined a running club that caters for people my speed. OH has started running again, is running well and even raced once. Its been the most incredible year and I’m very much looking forward to 2008.

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      That is a good year Mandy. Well done on the weight loss and blimey, nice work on those pbs Big grin I reckon you're well placed for a great year in 2008. Looking at your log, you've worked bliddy hard and deserve what you have.. What was your high point? Notwithstanding you having pointed out your focus on 5k I wonder if your half marathon in Oct was a great moment..

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        That's awesome, Mandy! Congratulations on all the successes and here's to more in '08! Cheers! Wink

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          CONGRATS Mandy!!! I have to agree as for running 2007 has been pretty cool!!

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            May 2008 be even better!
              You've had a great year, Mandy. Nice job dropping the 5K PR so many times (and the other ones)!

              When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

                thanks everyone johnny - yes the half marathon was a very special day - as was the 10k (i hadn't managed a PR at 10k since 2003)

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                  Congrats on a great 2007, Mandy! Keep us posted as 2008 progresses. Anecdotes like this are really great to read.

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