Changes to training plans not saving (Read 262 times)


    This morning when I made changes to my training plan, they would not save.  The error message I received was "An unknown error has occurred" inside of a red bar across the top of the page.  This error message showed up when I tried to make changes to various activities, to add a note, and to change the title.


    I have tried to modify my training plan in three different browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and IE.  Last night I had no problem making changes (I was using Chrome).  I even copied my training plan and tried to make changes to that one, but the same error message occurred. 


    Please advise ASAP, thanks!


      I think the problem is the date format on the begin date is not correct.  It is a bug in the system.  The training plan code adjusts the begin and end dates to ensure they always start at the beginning and end at the end of the week.  Your date format preference wasn't properly propagated to the adjustment code so the date is formatted incorrectly.  I am looking into the problem, but as a temporary work around, you can manually fix the begin date to the right format.


      eric Smile


        Hi Eric,


        I have tried that already, and it keeps resetting my start date to a Tuesday, no matter what day I have the end date set as!


        I had to get this training plan out to the folks I'm coaching, but I think they hate Excel spreadsheets almost as much as I do -- as soon as the bugs are worked out, I'll let them know and hopefully they'll all create RA accounts.


        Once this training plan is fixed, is there any way for me to share it with other members or post it in our group?



          I looked into it some more.  The problem is caused by a date format conflict.  Your date separator is the period but your date format uses / as the date separator.  Go to your locale settings and change the date separator to / or change the date format to use . and it should fix the problem for now.  I'll remove the date separator option for the next release because I don't think it's needed, which would also avoid this problem.


          There are plans to create a coaching console but like many other features, it got preempted by something else.  I am hoping to resume work on it toward the end of this year.  For now, if your log is publicly viewable or viewable within groups, then users can see your training plan(s).  When they view them, they have the option to copy the training plans.  You can provide links to the training plans to make them more accessible.  The coaching console should make all aspects of managing your athletes simpler.


          eric Smile


            Excellent - thank you for getting back to me on this so quickly!  I'll get cracking on those changes and make sure my plan is public (I was dead set on making it private, so I'm glad you mentioned that).


            Have a lovely weekend!