30K Trail Race.... (Read 429 times)

    Say you were thinking of doing a 30k trail race... and you don't have many convenient trails around your house... but you have done other trail races and know what they're all about. To train properly for this, would you do a marathon plan or a 1/2 marathon plan? In some ways, the slower pace and aerobic nature of my trail races tells me a 1/2 plan would be sufficient... then again, those hills gets mighty big and the race will go mighty long... Thoughts?

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      If my training wasn't able to include trails for long runs Sad, I would use the Marathon plan. My experience of running what I consider "long" runs on both is that road running effort and time is much "shorter" than trails. I.e.; 20 mile road run is equivalent to about a 13-15 mile trail run, depending on the terrain of each. I would also try to get as many trail runs in as possible - if only the long runs on weekends, to test the shoes, gear, and get my body used to the differing tactics (walk uphills,etc.). I've been know to drive for over an hour to get a run in that fit my training schedule.
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        I do a fair number of trail races/runs, but do almost NO training on trails. I'd modify either of those plans, but modify them to match the distance. Or just run it for fun and use it as a training run for a marathon later in the year....