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    Any tips, suggestions, or things to know for someone who has never run a race? I have been running for about a year now, when I started I was in really bad shape. Now I am doing 4 mile trail runs for my "long run". Yesterday I tried a 5 mile run but had to walk/run about the last half mile.
    - Lance
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      Lance, Since this is your first race, you should not set any time goals so you can enjoy it and take it all in. You'll have plenty of time to set new records. The only thing you must do is make sure you don't go out fast because of the excitement and the enthusiasm of the crowd. Other than that, have fun! By the way, which race is this?
        Thanks, good advice that I will take. My first race will be the race for the cure (breast cancer research fundraiser) in Raleigh, NC. It is two Saturdays from now.
        - Lance
          Hey, Lance! I'm going to be running in the Race for the Cure in Raleigh too! I would say "look for me" but with so many people the chances of us finding eachother is miniscule. I agree with Mile Collector - the Race for the Cure is really an EVENT, not a race. It's HUGE! Go out there and have some fun! The excitement and crowd will carry you along much faster than you should be going if you're not really careful. Try, if you can, to find someone who'll be running it about your speed and stick with them. By the way, you probably will want to make sure you arrive an hour beforehand with such a big race. If you have extra time you can spend it warming up or talking to people. Lots of things can cause delays, and you wouldn't want to be late for your first. ;-) Good luck and have fun! Janell

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            Lance, I'd recommend showing up early and telling lots of people it's your first race ever. People get real excited about "greenies." You will get lots of encouragement and advice from your fellow runners. (Official Disclaimer: please note that I did not say follow the advice of other runners). In my first year of running, I ran at least one race a month. I found the support from other participants to be very helpful. I don't run as many races now, but, I still use them to keep me motivated. Good luck! Please give us the full report on your experience! Ken
              Thanks for the advice! I can't wait. Smile
              - Lance