First Half - 2 hours 36 minutes and some seconds - Sister did PR (Read 618 times)

    I started running a few years ago with the aim of a half. I thought that would be a good fitness level of running - main motivation to stay healthy, lose a few pounds and have insentive to stick with a better diet.


    Stopped running for a while, then seriously started in the fall of 2007. Found out I was pregnant in May of 2008 (after running eight miles as my long run and then for two weeks dragging through 3 milers.) Bit of a surprise after 13 years of marriage and adopting two older kids out of foster care. While we were shocked our kids were so excited.


    Didn't run till son was born in December 2008 - literally my body said "No". Walked a lot with baby, ran here and there after he was about five months. Worked on it slowly. Baby weight - the last 20 pounds stuck to me like glue. Love breastfeeding but it didn't magically get rid of the fat.


    Big sister said she'd come out and run a half with me this fall last year. Started running more in the spring. Minor personal trauma in the spring (birth parents of adopted kids found us) then son had appendix burst in July. Tried to overtrain in August to make up - ended up with sore hamstring by September. Decided to walk half and run if I felt okay. Worked on stretching hamstring, core strength and basic strengthening exercises. Walking didn't hurt hamstring. Figure I'll see if I can slowly get running after half - better to walk it than take a sore hamstring and rip it and do permanent damage.


    Walked most of the September and October "runs" - I can walk a 11.5 minute mile. Faster than I was running. Baby weight started to finally peel off. I still have 10 pounds to go but that's okay.


    So today was the big day. Sis flew in from Boston yesterday. I ran the first two and a bit miles with her (we were running about 9 minute miles.) She didn't think it was that fast - it just felt good.  I went to walking - listened to my body - she ran on. I ran walked the rest of the race - ran maybe 5 miles in all.


    I thought I might finish in 3, she was going for 2:20 - 2:15. I finished in 2:36, she in 2:01.


    Best part - two hours after my hamstring is fine. It was hurting immediately after my training runs.


    And I'm 41 next week. I got this in while I was still 40. Feels great!

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      One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.

        Woohoo! That's great. Congrats and Happy early Birthday!

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          WTG Cool. Happy Birthday

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            Good job Susan.....


            Half Marathons are great --- you have to train hard for them but they aren't like Marathons that just take so much from you.....


            You did GOOD

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