Invalid distance for interval 8 (Read 770 times)

    I've just tried to add my interval session and got this error. Interval 8 (assuming it means the 8th one down) is just the same as the others, 1 kilometer. Some of them have 0 kilometers but thats never caused a problem before? I'm using Windows XP and Firefox
      Does it in IE too Sad
        Hi Mandy, Can you show me what you're trying to enter for interval 8? It has to be some data that's not formated correctly. eric Smile
            by the way is there a way to show a screenshot that i've just got saved on my pc - at the moment i only know how to do it if i put it up on flickr with my photos and i'd rather not do that?
              Ok. I figured out the problem. The problem is indeed with the 0 km intervals. You specified them as recoveries, and recoveries can't have 0 km as a distance. Only rests can have no distances. You can change the type to be rests, or fill in a distance and that would fix the problem. eric Smile
                Thank you!