"No Equipment" selection for non-Run sports (Read 47 times)


    Hi - I created a bike equipment entry, but now that entry is the only one I can choose.  There is no "No Equipment" selection available, like there is for the run.  I ran into this issue the other day when I attempted to enter a Spin workout that I did at the hotel with a spin bike vs.  the bike I normally use on a trainer.


    I could get around this by creating a dummy equipment entry if needed.  I was just curious if it's expected or not.

    eric :)

      Hi half-fast,

      I am not able to reproduce the problem.  I see the no equipment option for the equipment.  Which browser are you using?


      eric Smile


        Interesting!  Since you said you couldn't reproduce the issue, I tried an alternative method and it worked..


        If I go to the top and choose "Bike Entry", I can choose "No Equipment"

        I also found that if I go back into an Bike Entry I can also choose "No Equipment"


        I can only reproduce the issue if I go to the Calendar, Select a Day, then choose "Bike".  Then the "No Equipment" selection isn't available.


        The browser version is: