Ever just stumbled upon a race and joined in? (Read 312 times)

    I was running along the Niagara river near Niagara Falls one Saturday morning and ran the opposite way to the leaders in the race. It was really funny to see the looks on the faces of the ones that didn't realize I was just out for a jog, because it was an out and back race that made it look like I was in the lead. The spectators were cheering me along. It was hilarious!

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    Mostly harmless

      Last year I was running along the C&O Canal when I hear a female voice behind me say "you look awesome, keep it up!".  She started past me and I noticed the race number.  I thanked her and let her know that she looked pretty awesome too (which she did) but I wasn't in her race.  She was pretty embarrassed and apologized and we got a good laugh out of that.


      It turns out she was part of a 200 mile relay race and thought I was too.  I sped up a bit and told her a brief history of the canal while we ran. It was nice to have some company for a change, especially running with someone that looked that awesome.

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        I was running on the paths along the Mississippi River in St. Paul a few years ago, and found myself in the middle of the Ragnar Relay.


        My husband and I got a few weird looks and inadvertent cheers (before they realized we weren't in the race), but at least something like Ragnar is pretty spread out so it wasn't really a problem.

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