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    oh maybe it is 200... well I printed a sticker using cafepress a while ago and it definitely looks pretty crisp to me... I think you guys should go for it.
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      It's funny, this thread got me thinking about trying to sell some Photo work on CP, so I opened a free account yesterday and am going to do a few images on things like greeting cards, mouspads, pillows, etc. I figure I have nothing to lose if no one orders, but I will plan to donate a portion of any sales I get to whatever running charity I am working for. k

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        Please don't think I am shamelessly pushing my company here, but I work for a label company and we do have an online design tool. I wanted to reply to this post more because I do this kind of work everyday with people wanting to design online. I think it would be a great idea to do bumper stickers for running ahead, and honestly, CafePress is a good way to go. My company as do most have minimums that would probably be too much for each person to want to buy, unless that is, you wanted to coat your car in stickers. The company I work for in case anybody is interested is called Century Marketing, and we have a website using the masthead, PrintMyThing. I did notice that zoom-zoom mentioned a "Static Sticker". We do sell those as well, although not through our online design function.