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    Fairly minor thing.


    In the dropdown for running shoes in new Equipment, they don't mention "Skechers".  Skechers just came out with a new line of shoes called "Go Run" which (suprisingly) are not the gimmick I expected them to be.  They're actually pretty good shoes.  Unfortunately I have to choose "Other".  Would be nice to have manufacturer in there.

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      In the past when I wanted to enter a shoe that wasn't on the list, I have just entered the shoe on the "New Equipment" page under the "Model" box, and it keeps it on my personal equipment list with my other shoes and bikes.  (I still had to check "Other", though).


      BTW, I was dubious about the Go Run until I read an interesting shoe review at http://www.runblogger.com/2011/09/skechers-go-run-review-first.html  Still not sure about that unusual sole though!

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      eric :)


        I added Skechers to the list.  Hope all's well with you!


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          Awesome, thanks, Eric!

            Meb likes 'em!  That's enough for me.


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                Not sure how much time it takes you or how much trouble it is to add a brand of shoe but I am doing a wear test for Runners World magazine and I just picked up a new pair tonight.


              Brand: Scott

              Model: eRide Support


              If it too much trouble than that's quite alright.



              Thanks and have a great day/night




                Hi Eric,


                Instead of starting a new thread I thought I'd just re-use this rather old one :-D


                Would it be possible for you to add Vivibarefoot to the list of shoe makes?


                Thanks in advance.




                eric :)



                    Thanks :-)

                    For some reason I cannot choose any manufacture when setting up an equipment for Walk?