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    Hi, It would be cool if there was a space automatically generating the speed I have been running when doing a 'new run entry'. Pace is automatically generated. So if pace is 5:00/kilometer the speed would be 12kilometer/hour. I apologize if this suggestion has already been made, but I am really used to this feature from my previous 'training diary' - which by the way doesnt match this one at all!
    Best Regards Bo
      Bo, As far as I know, pace is the accepted measure for running, while speed is not as prevalent. I'm don't want to modify it at this time. However, I can be persuaded if you can find enough users to request this feature. eric Smile
        ah, I've posted the same request. Count me in on this one !

        12 Monkeys

          Pace is the standard when running. But when on a treadmill, it is speed. Weird that. What I would like is the ability to enter my total time or my average pace. Sometimes I do not time myself, but know I ran approximately a certain pace based on perceived effort. Either I can do the multiplication, or the computer can. Isn't that why we have computers? Wink