Sprinting for the first time. Please provide advice (Read 138 times)


Proboscis Colossus

    There are many Masters track meets out there, actually.  NYRR puts on two series a year, for instance, and they do include sprints (more often sprint relays, but sprints as well).  There are opportunities to race the 100, 200, 200/400 relay, the short leg of the DMR, etc.


    Cool.  That's a world I honestly have had no exposure to.  Though in my defense, a quick Google search of "masters track and field texas" says those events are much, much more scarce than road or trail races.  But it looks fun - after I achieve my BQ, I might look into it more.  Working at a school with a decent track program sure wouldn't hurt my training opportunities.

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      True and cautionary tale.  Some time late last summer I was at the track early in the morning to run a workout and a couple of middle-aged, slightly pudgy dudes show up, too.  I'm running 1000s or something, and I notice that these guys are going to bust out 200s, which I find interesting because they don't look a lot like they are very fit and I'm wondering to myself if these guys have any business out there running that short fast stuff.  So, they get through maybe a couple of reps and I'm watching them on their next rep and they blast off the line at the pole and as they're coming out of the turn dude #1 (might have been dude #2, I forget) suddenly and unmistakably pulls up wincing and grabbing behind his thigh like something has gone horribly wrong.  From that point, dude #2 runs 1 more rep while his buddy walks limping around the track and they call it a day.

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      Teddy Lo

        Morale to Joescott story, train months in advance. Also, get involved in events that is the most appropriate for you.