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    Thanks for answering. I'll play around later on tonight (my time) and see if I can upload a picture here. 350-400 miles would be fine for me. I noticed some wear near the back of the shoe after about 80 miles. Now, at around 120 miles, I can see wear up near the ball of my feet as well. In a week or two, I'm guessing most of the tread marks there will be gone.


    Solid question.   I'd be curious to see a picture of the outsole of your shoe... some wear/tear is definitely going to shoe around the 100 mile mark (sorry Im not metric) because we only add the impulse sensor (more durable rubber) in select high-impact areas.

    That being said.... I usually get about 350-400 miles out of a pair before replacing.


      Cool.  I just got in from 13 miles in a pair with about 250 miles on them... I'll post a pic


        Here is a shot of 2 different pair of shoes as requested.


        the left has about 400-450 miles on them. 
        The right is fresher, with just about 200+ on them now...