That awkward moment when you lose a run to a 12-year-old girl you know. (Read 397 times)

    A couple weeks back, I joined my running club for a Saturday morning run with my daughter, a 14 yr. old freshman cross country runner who has become much faster than me  since she started training with the team. We did about 7:30s on the way out (wore me out pretty well) and some guy who I find somewhat annoying decides to run back with us  from the turn-around water stop. Sure enough, he starts annoying me. Eventually, I tell Devin to go and she drops the hammer, the guy tries to follow her for about a half mile and then I catch him and pass him a little later. He's gassed. I chuckled. She just ran an 18:37 in an invite three days ago. It's good to have a secret weapon.


      I thought I was getting faster and doping great (since a 70 pound weight loss...


      I agree with moonlightrunner's method. Doping always helps me beat those pesky pre-teens. If only it would help me with 35-39 women I would be all set.