2024 New York Marathon (Read 129 times)


    I'll be pacing again.  My 17th consecutive NYCM I believe.  Probably pacing somewhere between 3:30- 3:45.


    PM me up with any questions.



    HTFU?  Why not!

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    3 months til Masters

      How do you get a pacing gig at NYCM?

      2023 Goals

      Marathon Sub 2:37 (CIM) 2:41:18

      10k Sub 35:00 (Victory 10k 34:19)

      5k Sub 16:00 (Hot Dash 5k in March (16:48), Brian Kraft in May (16:20), Twilight 5000 in July and August (16:20/16:25 Both heat index 102-103F)

      Sub 1:16 Half Marathon  City of Lakes Half Marathon 1:15:47)

      Sub 56:30 in 10 mile (Twin Cities 10 mile, Canceled due to weather, 56:35 as a workout)


      2024 Goals

      Sub 2:37 Marathon

      Sub 1:15 Half

      Sub 34 10k

      Sub 16 5k