Maps not downloading (Read 727 times)


    Eric, My courses are not downloading. I get a page error message when using the mapping tool. Thanks, Al
      Hi Al, Could you provide me with more information regarding the problem? What do you mean your courses are not downloading? What were you trying to do? What was the error message? Does this happen consistently? If so, could you provide me with a list of steps to reproduce it? Thanks! eric Smile

        Hi Eric, I'll do my best to explain. I took some screen snapshots that I could email you if you wish. On my last post, the following day, the maps downloaded without a problem. I thought you may have reset something to get it to work. However, this morning, the maps are not loading again. Here's what I see...When I click on either the tools tab or one of my courses, a page error notification pops up in the lower left corner. When the page fully loads, everthing is there but the google map. I checked my internet security settings, because there's a red line through the eyeball. I have it set on Medium. On the privacy report page, its states that the cookies from google maps and paypal are the reason for the blockage. I lower the internet security setting to low then nothing to see if this helps, but it doesn't. So, right now, I'm not able to see a google map. Update: I deleted my temporary internet files and now the map function is working. Smile Originally, I thought this problem was also occuring on my work computer as well as my personal computer. However, this evening I checked my work computer and the maps were working. So, I got on my personal computer and started trying to figure out what was blocking the maps. I tried turning off anti-virus and cybersitter software with no luck. I deleted my cookies...no help. Finally, I deleted the temproary internet files and surprise it works now.
          Thanks for the update Al! It could be that your copy of the scripts got corrupted. By deleting your temporary files, your browser downloaded a new copy of the script. That's the only way that would explain it. Let me know if the problem crops up again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't. eric Smile