Not too COLD in Cleveland (Read 454 times)


    Got in 10 miles this morning. I overdressed a little and did break a sweat (which is bad when it's cold)....last mile hit some cold breezes, but not that bad. -3 F .... - 25 Wind Chill.....Ohhh Ya I was ready to go on treadmill, but decided to at least try 1 mile outside first. Man it was nice.


      Good on you!!! Once you get out there it's never as bad as you think. OK well sometimes it really is. Its hot at 25 degrees and clear as a bell in Juneau AK. Will definitely get out for a run today!
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        Wow, that's hardcore. I worked out inside yesterday because I couldn't handle the windchill for two days in a row & it was nowhere near as cold as that. Wow.
        RUN HARD

          It's totally attitude. If I stand out there for 30 seconds I am freezing. But throw on your warrior gear...ERRR Running gear and your all set. Come on only super hero's wear tights. I only wear tights when below 20...20 and above = shorts. I may be a little insane....but if you are a runner...that is a given
            You've got a point, running in below zero weather does make 20 degree weather seem pretty warm. Although you sound nuttier than me. I'm in my 40's & feel the cold more than I used to; the superhero gear goes on after 30 degree weather.