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    Lately RA has been adding extra distance to my runs. For example, today I ran 7 miles in  1:08:XX and when I tried to import my run (I have a Garmin Fenix 3 and use Garmin Connect), it had my run as 7.28 in1:10:XX.


    When I check the map in Running Ahead, it does have extra distance added on the end of the run but I don't know why. I'm sure I stopped my run.


    This issue has been happening lately.


    Any ideas on a fix?

    eric :)


      I've made a fix this weekend to this problem.  It is possible that you're using a different GPS model that has data in a different format.  Please send a few sample workout files to me at support@runningahead.com and I'll take a look.


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        Something similar happens to me too, but mine happens only during activities that involved a break.
        For example, on Sat I rode 83.5 miles, but it imported it as over 100. I corrected the main distance and time but you can still see the issue in my splits: https://www.runningahead.com/logs/3f9d8ffccf51498eb7cbfba35fdc6321/workouts/6db727c4337b49f1a27a0e9ae8d0271e#splits. The associated map shows the true distance though.
        And this one: https://www.runningahead.com/logs/3f9d8ffccf51498eb7cbfba35fdc6321/workouts/2a5ea0edfa9943cb9bdd68672d8d71ab.

        What's weird and consistent about these is that both rides included a break between the ride and the ride home from the ride where I pressed stop on the Garmin (800) and pressed start again when we headed home. The activities upload correctly to Strava and Garmin connect, but on running ahead the first interval on the split shows the complete distance and time, but then it adds a second interval that also reflects the ride home from the ride.

        I've never experienced the issue importing my daily runs, though I don't run very far.  :-)


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          Sent the email.

          Just went on another run and I think I've found the issue. The run I just went on had a LONG pause.

          24:40. During that time the run was paused. The watch wasn't adding time to the activity or distance the RH shows it as a lap (2.67 miles @ 9:15pace)

          The actual run (without the pause) was 5 miles @ 8:59 pace. That is what Garmin Connect Shows.

          Link To Picture Of RA Laps