NYRR - Fifth Ave Mile - Registration Question (Read 24 times)



    Has anyone had luck (or ideas) in requesting an exception to capacity limits from NYRR?


    I just registered some family members for the 5th Ave Mile in Sept. All good

    Then I went to register myself and got the message that Capacity has been met. I guess my age group wave/heat is sold out. Not good as I am the one organizing the outing for the family.


    I sent an email to NYRR's general mailbox, but they are probably swamped with TCS Marathon inquiries.


    Wonder if there is any way to get an Invitation Code, maybe from a charity. Or any other way to get registered.


    I know this is a random question,, appreciate any ideas?




    RIP Milkman

      I believe they have a phone number on their website that you can call. Otherwise, I think you may be out of luck. They're probably going to tell you that you should have registered everyone all at once via your cart, rather than one at a time. Worse comes to worse, I'd ask for a refund. They hopefully will at least grant you that.

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