Pretty pics from your run (Read 1043 times)

    I ran at the Trexler Nature Reserve Monday.


    Nice pics, Mr. Finn. Looks like you were wise to read the sign and go around that bridge instead of over.

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      Nice pics, Mr. Finn. Looks like you were wise to read the sign and go around that bridge instead of over.


      Those are actually two separate bridges, about a mile apart. There are also more around that area.


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        Some lovely bridge shots, MrF.


        Great Mall shots, Julia!

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


        2/3rds training

          Two days of low hanging rain clouds finally cleared for an evening run on beautifully tacky dirt yesterday.







            Break on through

              Macricostas Preserve, Washington, CT

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                Not in GA any longer Toto.



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                  Not technically during a run, though the M231 bypass bridge is only about 4-5 miles from our house (photo taken before it was open to traffic and just after a 23.1k out-and-back running race took place on the 7 mile stretch of road, hence the port-a-jon in the middle).  I've not run it, aside from the race (which now is held every year to raise money for more paved trails in the area)...but we ride it every chance we get.  It gets us across the Grand River, which opens up far better biking routes than what we have on our side of the river.


                  We like to take our gravel bikes to go visit these beasts on the other side of the bridge:

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                    Love the sunflowers, that's super spectacular.




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