Batch download all gpx routes (Read 53 times)

    Is it possible to batch download all gpx routes? Ideally within a date range. Looking for quicker way to download some of my routes instead of doing it manually one at a time.





      +1 Please, Please, Please.... My Biggest Gripe with RunningAHEAD (after 5 years of use) continues to be the feeling that "My Data" is somewhat "Stuck" here... The standard .GPX FIles uploaded from my watch are universally accepted by nearly all management tools, yet difficult to "recover" after uploading to RunningAHEAD and deleting from watch (call me lazy, but I really don't WANT to have to sync/transfer to two destinations after each run). Should this site ever go away, or I decide to use another, it really bothers me that retrieving my data is so difficult.


      -->Please consider adding "Bulk Export to GPX"