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    Wow! My very first post! I needed to share a happy thing with people who would get it. The temp is cool but not cold (I live in FL), it's drizzling, I had the road to myself and I felt like Wonder Woman with wings on my feet when I ran today. I LOVE running in rain!!! Big grin
      Welcome! Smile And you're right - there's just about nothing better than a run in the rain. The folks that jump on their treadmill cuz its drizzling out don't know what they're missing. Of course, they may not live in Florida. Wink
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      CPT Curmudgeon

        Add in some mud, and it's the best.
          Welcome to RA and I like your login name. I love running and feeling like Wonder Woman. Wait...what?

          "Good-looking people have no spine. Their art never lasts. They get the girls, but we're smarter." - Lester Bangs

            yeah it's a good name but I suspect you'll be accused of plagiarism as soon as Leftrightrepeat finds out about it. Roll eyes You may luck out though since he spends most of his time over at Kick. Tom
              Okay, so we may need to knock off a few points for originality, but fortytwoyearoldredfacedrunningwoman just seemed too long. Wink