first run in over a year! (Read 84 times)


    I used to run all the time bu the last few years different circumstances made it a little hard to run but I decided a couple of days ago I'd start running again. I got some new shoes and went out for an easy run (with walking in between running) I'm excited to be back in it and then I remembered Running Ahead!

    It's good to be back and y'all inspire me.



      Welcome back!

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        Welcome back! The road was always waiting for you to come running again. Smile

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          Well done for getting your trainers on and getting out the door!

            Hey good job! I had some long stretches off and almost fell off the wagon entirely but lately I'm trying to run 2-3 a day just to even start to re-condition myself @ 27. Probably never be as athletic as I used to be though. But whenever I stop running I miss the feeling of wellbeing