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    For those that can and do like wearing SkirtSports stuff, there are some marathon girls on sale at SierraTrading Post and Skirtsports themselves are clearing out their limited edition skirts at half price if I recall correctly. Not affilliated, just a happy skirt wearer Smile
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    Princess Cancer Pants

      I saw them on STP a few weeks back...I wonder if they are preparing for a major redesign. I hope they get their sizing issues figured-out. I don't know that I would buy another one before that happens. k

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      madness baby

        I'm desperate for a new skirt, but these seem to all be XS and XL by now. I know a lot of their sizing runs small, too. I'm thinking when the sizing issues are fixed, I'll get my second one. Might have to wait for that Valentine's day sale though. Sad That's a long way off! Thanks for letting us know!