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    A few days ago I was trying to adjust my running goal for the year and make it a new number.  However, it the website was not letting me change it.  I deleted my original goal and thought I could just add another goal widget with my new goal instead.  When I attempt to add a goal widget and change the dates so it starts on January 1 and ends on December 31, and then enter my mileage goal, a red box with a star appears on the mileage part.  After hitting save, all I can see is a box with todays date, no end date, and still the red box with the star for mileage.  I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if it is a website issue?  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks!

    eric :)

      Hi RunnerCK,

      Could you include a screen shot so I can see what you're seeing?  Also, what browser are you using?


      eric Smile



        This is what my screen looks like after I insert the goal widget, change the begin date to 2015-01-0, the end date to 2015-12-31 and the mileage goal and hit save.


        I'm using Safari.