Cycling harassment (Read 755 times)


    Holy crap do I have stories. Not running or biking but road stories. My profession is heavy duty towing. I'm on the highway everyday not to mention the roads. Over the years more than several people have thought it was funny to steer towards me and veer away at the last minute doing 70 mph. I've actually caught glimpses of their faces laughing as they do it. I can't tell you what I'd do if I ever got my hands on one of those people. Recently my wife was walking in a neighborhood with my 4yo niece and someone pulled one of those new internet pranks on them where they gun their diesel engine as they go by and leave them in a cloud of smoke. They are just lucky I wasn't nearby.



      it happens this side of the pond, we have what appears to be an English version of the Bermuda Triangle in the we have a fairly small are where there have been four different vehicles attacking cyclist over the last year or so.


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