Very minor calendar UI suggestion (Read 497 times)


    Recently the calendar view was modified so that the year field presents a dropdown box.  However, right now when the dropdown box appears, it starts from oldest to newest -- i.e., 2002 is the first entry on the list, and 2010 is the last entry.  This doesn't make a lot of sense because more recent years are bound to be much more frequently accessed than far past years, especially considering years that far back don't even have data in almost all cases.


    So basically my suggestion is to just reverse the order of years in the dropdown list, as it will minimize the amount of mouse movement required to select the desired year.


        I wanted to sort in descending order when I added the combo box.  However, the combo box sorts the items automatically and I didn't want to spend too much time to modify it when I added it.  It'll have to be another future project.