Rec: add xc ski and hike options for event (Read 474 times)


    I've been on this site for a day or two now. Incredible! I wish I hadn't waited to take a look after a friend recommended it. I love the topo option because I run trails alot. The hybrid is great, too, because I link together roads and trails. And since I'm in Idaho, can you add a xc-ski option for events? When it's get cold and snowy, I'd like a way to track the skiing I do. Your site is awesome! I've been waiting for something like this to come along. You've got a great thing going, and I plan to use it alot. And I agree that you have to give yourself a shameless promotion page! d-man

      OK. I figured out how to add other workouts. Sorry. But all the kudos are still in effect! d-man
        Darin, Excellent! I'm glad you found the options pages. I'm planning to update the welcome page after the sign up to guide new users through the site and setting things up. It's easy to miss the tiny link. eric Smile