site upgrade this weekend (Dec 3) (Read 1249 times)

    Good morning everyone! Over Thanksgiving, I have gotten cross training to the point where it's ready to be released. This is a major release, although you can't tell by looking at it (at least that's what I'm hoping). I'll be testing for the rest of this week to stomp out as many bugs as I can, but I will definitely need your help in finding the rest. Barring any discovery of big bugs, I'm planning to upload the changes some time this weekend (Dec 3-4). The site will be down for several hours. During this time, you will not be able to access the site. I apologize for any inconveniences, but it will be worth it! I'll post another message once everything is complete to tell you about the changes. Added: For those of you that are currently using the running log to record your other workouts, and would like to migrate them over to their proper types, just drop me an email through the feedback form. It's much easier for me to do it than you doing it manually. Just include your user name, your email (if you want to know when I'm done), the workouts that you would like to be converted, and what you want to convert them to if they're not obvious. eric Smile
      Aside from cross training support, this upgrade will also include Google map. Click here for a preview. As for cross training, it will support cycling, swimming, spinning, and elliptical. You can also create your own workout, but if there are other frequent workouts that I haven't mentioned, let me know and I'll add those to the defaults. eric Smile