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    I guess this is an example of an internet troll.


    Nah.  Couple things:


    1. As spaniel noted, there's a better place for this request where it may or may not get this type of response.  "Off the Beaten Path" is the place for randomness.


    2. If you start a thread to declare your own self-awesomeness to a group of people you've not tried to form friendly relationships with... and in that thread you misspell the word 'awesome', well, I dunno what to tell you.  Except for one thing.  Cast ye not your troll net without potentially catching yourself.


    Anyway, officially I am a PEST, not a troll.  I goof on words (bro/brah vs bra), and rarely people.


    Is ok.


    Have a great evening.



      Alright, I mean this was my third topic on this website. I joined 3 days ago. Didn't know lol.


      And remind us what your very first topic was about.




          I see.



            Feeling the growl again


              2. I started that thread, so I figure out all the trolls on this forum. I did this, because usually, the simple minds of trolls, such as yourself, get attracted to threads like the one I posted, and reveal themselves as being a nuisance, because trolls get neglected in the real word, and decide to express their views to people they do not even know.


              So you were a troll to identify trolls?  How 16-ish of you.  If your first foray here is to disrespect the community, I'm not sure what you think your success will be following that, junior.  (I admit it is pretty funny to read a 16-year-old talking about "the real world".)


              Most of the people who responded to that thread aren't anything remotely close to trolls.  Fact is, this site is relatively unique in that the community self-regulates fairly well and the trolls don't stick around long.  But when someone posts something immature and, well, kind of stupid, people have some fun with the useless thread.  A bit of sincere advice; this site is frequented primarily by adults, I would think a bit about your style if you desire productive interactions here.

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                You posted in the wrong area.

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                  I am not a bro, nor a bra. However, perhaps if I had a better bra I wouldn't be mistaken for a bro. 

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                      I apologize for posting anything that seemed like I was making fun of you personally.  That was unintended.


                      As was starting your rants.  You cede too much control.


                        If you feed it it will never leave.  


                        (Waste of a pretty decent forum handle, if you ask me...)

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                          So let me ask you one question. How does trying to find the internet trolls through a thread, make me a troll? I simply did that, so I know which people to avoid. Also, I never disrespected the community. This srlopez guy decided to make in fun of me, which I am in this community. So HE was the one that started my rants. Now to move on with the previous thread. I simply posted that for entertainment in which everyone enjoyed. Now I can clearly assure you, that yoy have posted something immature on here as well. So...why can't I? And I am sincereley glad that you think it is funny for a 16 year old to talk about the real word, considering I live in the "Real World." What do you think this world is, fake? Anyway, can somebody lock this thread. I did not know such a useful app, would bring forth so much argumental behavior. I simply posted this to help runners. And this is the crap I get.


                          Ah, perhaps we should have been more gentle with you. Please realize that you have come across with quite a bit of bravado, and we've poked at you a bit because of it. The rest of us old folks have thick skins from getting our share of pokes. Sometimes we may not realize the effect of us poking back on someone who has not developed as thick a skin. So when you flail about after being poked, maybe we try to say "hey, don't take it so seriously", which only makes you feel more insulted. In turn, we get frustrated. Darn teenager, why doesn't he understand how to behave? 


                          Now, to explain this place, let me tell you that it's full of good people. You've had a rough start. You can't come in here like a bull in a china shop, or at least looking like one (it's of course hard to tell from people's internet postings). So take it slow. Hang out for awhile. Read everyone's posts and get to know who they are. Once you have a sense for the place, then jump into the conversation. Be polite. I know it's the internet, but pretend we're flesh and blood adults right in front of you, looking you in the eye. 


                          Believe me, it will be worth your while. There's a vast experience here in running, coaching, medicine, nutrition, finance, you name it. 

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                            In the OP's defense, Tapatalk is a legitimate app and a lot of folks who use vBulletin boards access those sites via Tapatalk.  I haven't bothered, since it's not a freebie, IIRC, and I don't use any vBulletin sites away from home enough to feel the need.  There has been talk for years of a mobile version of RA.  Not sure of the logistics for making RA work with Tapatalk, but if that option existed I'm certain I'd shell out a few bucks for the app, since RA is one of the few sites that I do access from my phone if I'm gone for more than a few hours.  And it is tricky to browse and posts as-is from a mobile device.

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                              It really is about approach here. Hopefully this will be lesson learned for the OP and he will begin to try to introduce himself to the community in a more productive way.

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