50 Before 50 Goal (Read 198 times)


    Yep! That was me and my boyfriend. I can't even believe how sore I am...what a day. Can't wait to do it again next year.


    Oh yeah!  I am going back -- I absolutely loved this race!  Only things I would change would be to bring my own PB & J sandwiches and to wear gaiters.


    Luckily, I am not too sore since I'll be attempting my 2nd 50 miler next month . . . but I am not expecting the same results.  Smile


    MM #2929

      Wow, that is brave! I think it'll be a while before I attempt another ultra--I'm focusing on 5k and under this summer. I can't really think of anything I'd change about the race. There were PB pitas at the big aid station--did you see those? I ate about 10 of them my first time through. No jelly though. My boyfriend was saying he wants to wear gaiters next year too.


        Awesome job!