A running calculator that takes HEAT into account (as well as elevation) (Read 3148 times)

I've got a fever...

    Heat has been a big topic lately. It was 95°F when I ran yesterday. Much of the same for today. Found this recently. Much like the excellent McMillan and Runbayou VDOT calculators, it recommends training paces based on a recent racing effort and calculates equivalent times for other races. But it also has a few options that I haven't seen elsewhere. 1) Temperature: enter the temperature from a run, and it will calculate the equivalent performance at other temperatures. [Based on data from Daniels] 2) Elevation change. (Eric/Trent: Is this the formula you've been looking for?) Enter the total climb and descent from a run, and you'll get equivalent times for the same distance for other climb/descent combos. Based on data from Noakes Lore of Running. 3) Altitude 4) windspeed 5) treadmill incline

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      Dude, I'm gonna be hella fast (heh, relatively speaking) when Fall comes! Tongue Would be cool to see the effect of heat, humidity, weight loss...sheesh, if all factors improve for me in the coming months I could potentially see a major improvement once the dog days of Summer are done. k

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        The thing is that heat and humidity CLEARLY don't affect everyone the same way and even and individual can become aclimated to the heat over time, so this like all calculators needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt. But it's pretty cool.

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          The elevation change in the calculator is very simple. In our thread we spoke to the complexities to consider. The calculator just does total climb and drop.

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            Nice find Jeff. Doesn't have a place for Humidity but very cool. As motivation would someone like to tell me what kind of running conditions the Kenyon's run in or something else that might help me get out from running inside on my rec centers cushion track and back outdoors? The only runs I have been doing outside lately have been my long run tempo's. With the heat this weekend I am even tempted to do that indoors.
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