Android Ap feature requests - Lap Distance & Voice Feed back (Read 751 times)


     Love the app! i would like to suggest two features for your consideration:


    1) Lap Distance

    I tend to use laps for segment of my run to seperate times easily when I look at the data later. For example, I may run a warm up, hit lap, run my 5K route, hit lap, then do a cool down. I can then look to see what my lap 2 stats were for the 5K.  This process works fine if I have already plotted a 5K route, not so much if I am running someplace new.  Lap Distance would help me out here a lot.


    2) Voice Feedback

    I love to get real time feedback on distance, time, and pace when running.  I tend to have my phone in an armband and it is almost impossible for me to see the screen without taking it off while running.  Having a voice prompt for specific distances and/or times would be a great help.


    Thanks for the great app and web site!


      Handy Runner was not created by the RunningAhead team, but by a user here.  Suggestions for the application should be left for the developer through the app page (or maybe the developer will see this, as well).

      I decided that if I'm going to call myself a runner, I should probably run.


        Doh, you are right!  Will do.