Printing/Sharing my Monthly Training Calendar (Read 949 times)

    How can I print and/or share my monthly training calendar with someone else?  I'd love to be able to produce it i a pdf file that I could send to my coach.   Printing or sharing the monthly training calendar itself would work better for me than just trying to export the data into a spreadsheet.





    David B.

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      Maybe I'm not understanding, David -- but doesn't your web browser allow you to print? If so, there's a gazillon utilities to allow for printing to PDF if your OS doesn't have it as an included utility.


      (I print my monthly calendar all the time to stick on the wall next to the back door so I glance at it before heading out on the day's run.)

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        Printing from my browser (and using a pdf printer program) is certainly an option. I just thought there might something else within the Running Ahead site itself that I'm missing.  I'm a brand new user.


        Thanks for the quick response!


          If you want to share your training with your coach, the easiest thing to do is give your coach access to your log.  You can make your log public so everyone can see it, or you can set it to password access mode so that anyone with the password can view your log.


          eric Smile

            Eric, that's the idea -- to share the log with my coach.  I'll make it public then see if he can read the link I send to him via email.