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    Now that I'm a member of the 1,000 and 1,500 mile clubs it's funny to see other peoples mileage. The mileage detail looks like it is week-to-date. Is there a way to get average weekly mileage there? I think that would be helpful in addition to this weeks mileage.

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      Hi ... this was a 'feature' I requested for the revised 'training log page' when Eric asked for ideas - let us see if Eric can do it! Smile

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        I also had some group page ideas (i.e., yearly distance column and sorting) that I posted on another thread. I don't know if Eric saw them, so I will re-post here... Hi Eric : I am not sure what the plans are to implement RunB's 1000 mile club graphing idea with pace bunny, but here are some additional ideas/suggestions which may be useful for the 1000 mile club or similar types of groups. In particular, on the "Group member" page: 1. add a "Yearly Distance" column 2. support column based sorting (e.g., to sort by "Member name" and "Yearly Distance"). For the "pace bunny", what do you think of the idea of allowing for the creation of a "virtual" runner (e.g., "PaceBunny1000") that runs a certain pace automatically (e.g., his workouts would be automatically updated daily)? This way, this virtual runner could simply be added to the group, and thus, show up in the list as a group member, just like everyone else, with automatically updating totals. With a pace bunny virtual runner and sorting based on yearly distance, group members could easily get a clear view of where they stand with respect to the pace bunny, as well as the rest of the pack. Regards, va123 P.S. I noticed you already support sorting on the "Workouts" page. This is a great feature.
          Hi guys, The groups aren't anywhere near finish yet. Some of the features, particularly the mileage tallying features, were left out because they require a lot more processing on the server. I'm working on creating more efficient ways of doing that. The pace bunny thing will look very close to what RunB (Ron) has come up with. I made some changes to his design because of layout problems and such. The pace bunny will be on every page, and is updated automatically. While testing the pace bunny feature, I noticed several folks with their yearly mileage way above 1,000 miles. Perhaps the 1,500 (or another distance) mile group would be a better fit? I'm just speaking for the folks that would be pushing to reach 1000 miles. eric Smile

            thanks eric Smile

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              Another feature that might be useful for the new 2007 mileage groups would be to show both current weekly mileage, as well as the total mileage for the previous month. I know for the 1000 mile group we had discussed doling out awards for monthly mileage--I'm not sure of any easy way to track this, other than looking at individual members' logs. k

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                I have a question regarding the pace bunny logging. Should the group members have their logs public to have their mileage tracked? - R
                  I have a question regarding the pace bunny logging. Should the group members have their logs public to have their mileage tracked? - R
                  Ron, the members do not need to have their logs public, or group viewable. I don't think it is all that bad to display the YTD distance even if the log is private.
                    Thanks! I'll remove the notice on the 1000 mile group.