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    He is an amazing MARATHONER. (inside joke)

    Demon of Bad Decisions

      He is an amazing MARATHONER. (inside joke)


      You know he did well at shorter distances before he ran the marathon, right?


      MTA:  Nice find on the interview.  Hysterical, especially the throwing out the first pitch part.

      I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

      Prince of Fatness

        But now so many people go where they are going, their ears plugged and their eyes down and on a little screen.


        Many while driving a car.  What a talented bunch we humans have become.


          Ha, yep it's all there. He's really a 5 miler more than anything. And yes, that interview is hilarious.

            Anyhow....I like seeing RunningAhead log posts on FB.  I like that it is a way to advertise the website for those who may not know about it.  I like that it is another kind of daily motivation to get out there and get some miles in.  I also like commenting on log posts when someone had a good run, and when people comment on my log posts. 


            Me, too. I like seeing how others are doing. These are among my favorite FB status updates.  I choose not to post my own workouts to FB, though. Not sure why, but I think it's because it gets me self conscious about my training and I try to avoid my own obsessive tendency to get too keyed into a given workout.  


            I actually don't like posting race goals anywhere, either. It makes me a little more tense before a race.  But, as Jeff alluded, I think sharing these things is part of being a member of this funny community of ours.  


            If I'm honest, though, when I have a breakthrough race and someone else congratulates me on my FB wall, it makes me happy.  I appreciate the acknowledgement. 


            I tend not to update my status because, I rarely have a moment where there is one thing that I think would be of interest to such a variety of people.  Kind of why I get stuck on the blogging front, too.  But, then it brings us back to "self."  I guess all these things are an expression of self.  I agree with WG. Tanya and bloggers at her level tend to succeed because they write about themselves in a way that's engaging.  It's not only "Look what I can do," but also "Whoops, look what I just did." 

            "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus

              I'm on there mainly because I have 6 siblings and their families, all in other states than mine. It's great for birthdays too.

              I didn't really post much in the past, and lately even less because somehow it advertises all that I look at and read.

              I just could not believe that that transgender person was not a real woman, but do you have to tell everyone that I looked at that link!?!