Adjusting Marathon Goal After 3 Weeks Off (Read 74 times)


    I am currently training for the Rock n' Roll DC Marathon on 3/9/19. During week 11 of my 18 week training program I pulled/strained my hip flexor the day after an 18 mile long run. I attempted to run the following week and completed a 3 mile run with considerable pain. After this run I decided to take time off until the injury healed. I did not run or cross train for three full weeks (other than the 3 miler) and the only activity was stretching and hip flexor rehab exercises. This time off was weeks 12, 13 and 14 of my training program. Since then I have come back slowly and have the following weekly mileage totals.


    Week 15: 1, 1, 3, 6 Total: 11

    Week 16: 3, 3, 3, 9 Total: 18

    Week 17: 4, 3, 4, 8 Total: 19


    My question is, do you think I should adjust my marathon goal of 4 hours? I ran a 1:48 half on 1/12/19, the week before my injury. It is too late in training to do any hard workouts to evaluate my current fitness. This is my first marathon and I don't know whether I should dial it back or go for 4 hours.


      You've essentially missed 6 weeks of training, including all the race specific training. Have you done any long (over 16 mile) runs? Can you change to a half marathon instead or do a race a couple of months later? If you go through with the marathon, I would expect your time to be much slower than you would do if you had been able to train properly. For your first, you want to be well trained and confident that you can run well. Doing it half trained will likely not be the race you hoped for.


        I had ran long runs of 16, 17 and 18 miles in the weeks before the injury. I want to run the marathon even if I will be unable to achieved my original time goal. This being my first marathon, finishing is most important. I am just not sure what pace to go out at.


          if you are determined to run it then definitely adjust your goal times, i would slow down by quite a lot, if you hit the half point and feel exceptionally good then maybe you could pick up your pace a bit, but otherwise just take it slow


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            Is the pain completely gone?

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              Yes, I no longer feel any pain while running. It takes a little longer to loosen up, but after a mile or two I feel completely fine.

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                Age & gender? If you are a 20 something guy, while you will still need to adjust your goal, but probably not as much as you would if you are a 50 something woman.


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                    Definitely adjust your goal.


                    My suggestion is to run at your regular easy pace and no faster.  Based on what I see in your log, I think 4:30  (10:18 pace) is reasonable.  If you start too fast you could wind up walking the last five miles and finish over 5 hours.


                    Even without your injury, the 4 hour goal looks like a stretch to me, I would have suggested more like 4:10-4:15. (most lower mileage first time marathoners are slower than 2xHM + 30 minutes).

                      With a 1:48 HM and 18 mile log run once, I'd say 4:10-4:20 is the best case scenario.  If you ran 40+ miles a week for longer or if you did not have this setback maybe 4:00 hours was feasible.  I'd start at 10 min/mile (4:20 ish) pace and if you can hold that pace after 15 miles, then I'd say 4:30 is still on the cards, and you might run continuously.  If it feels awkward to run that slow, then do a run walk method to stay close to that pace. Be mentally prepared for a longer time on the course.


                        I appreciate all of the responses. I think I am going to go out with the 4:25 pace group and see how it goes from there.

                          Good luck on your marathon this weekend, and if you do beat the odds and do better than the  predictions here (you have the speed), please come back and tell us all about it.  Would like to know it can be done .