20 Miles Done - Yey Taper! (Read 789 times)


    Can't believe i actually ran 20 miles (seems like a short jog compared to Lynn's crazy run) ..i'm looking forward to the taper period to hopefully heal up my ankle (big sprain 3 weeks ago) and finally get rid of my lingering cold...I'm interested to see what people do for their taper period, how long is your long runs, what should you concentrate on, and how to not feel all nervous the next few weeks before the marathon...
      So ya made it, eh? Big grin Congrats on beating that nasty coconut sprain! Rest up, heal up, and good luck on your marathon!

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        Beer should help. At least it will take your mind off of things. Big grin k

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          hmmm beer sounds good...though i might go for a small glass of red wine later on...its funny how i notice every single coconut on my run no matter how small they were...i should have counted them ...that might help with the run Cool


            Wow! 20 mi! Big grin way to go! hope that ankle heals up nicely for ya and you shake that cold quickly
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